What if you have a bug or issue with your FARMapper project?
Please email support@farmapper.com with any bugs or issues so that we can continue to improve the FARMapper experience. You can also use https://farmapper.com/contactus page
How can I delete an account?
We are sorry to hear you go, but understand that sometimes you want to end the project and remove the authenticated account. Please email your request to support@farmapper.com with the subject heading “Delete Account”. Remember that any projects, documents or anything that you have stored will be deleted with your account and cannot be retrieved. Please make sure and download your farm project, documents, KML, etc.
Why do you request a Google, Facebook or Twitter account to activate a FARMapper account?

Many of FARMapper’s functions require the ability to identify(authenticate) the user. That way every user is able to control and limit who can access his/her project and data.

Having a separate username/password pair for FARMapper service is not very convenient so we use other popular services to help us identify our users. It means that you can use your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account to access FARMapper. We will not capture your passwords when you log in to your social account. The FARMapper application will only communicate with the social account to get enough information to identify you. We cannot post on your social network or view it.

Is there a Google Play or Apple app in the app stores for FARMapper?
No, the FARMapper experience is currently only browser based. Generally, we test on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and some popular mobile devices. The web application is mobile friendly, but generally works best on desktop then using mobile access to view and access your project in the field. With mobile access, users can check farm project boundaries in the field or use KML export to view in Google Earth.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
FARMapper doesn’t keep any passwords, so the password used to authenticate is the same as your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. If you need to reset it, use the Google, Facebook, Twitter password reset tools.
How do I share a FARMapper project?
FARMapper allows the private or public sharing of projects and related project documents with other FARMapper users. To share a project, login to FARMapper and select MANAGE button, then select Actions. Here you can choose to privately invite folks to check out the project by email. Alternatively, you can choose to make the project public and share a public URL.
How do I get Social with FARMapper?
FARMapper is geared to help the rural and agricultural community. We use Google+, Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. If you want us to share your FARMapper projects, screenshots, or stories find us there.
What does FARMapper cost?
FARMapper has a robust free tier, but will soon roll out a premium tier for those FARMapper users that require more projects, storage, advertising and premium features. This financial support will enable FARMapper to continue to add more powerful features and data sets to add value to our user base.