Allotment database user guide


Another database we integrated to make life easier for ranchers contains allotments from Bureau of Land Management

Using that database you can add any allotment to your ranch.

Allotment parcel identification

Our system identifies every allotment by three attributes:

  • Allotment number - a number uniquely identifying the allotment within a state, for example "04013"
  • Allotment name - a name of the allotment, for example "Martens Bros.-Berger"
  • State - a two letter state symbol, for example "ID"
  • On our items list display the example allotment is represented as "04013, Martens Bros.-Berger, ID"

Searching for allotments on the map Show mobile version

Map view with allotment found
Figure 1: Map view with allotment found - click to enlarge

When you click any point on the map it sends the query to our backend system with the coordinates of the clicked point. We try to find any allotment, which contains this location. If we find it we will display it - see figure 1. We also display a box with allotment description. There is a link inside it which allows you to add this allotment to your current ranch. We may also find a qqsection at the same point. In that case both an allotment and a qqsection are displayed in separate boxes.

Sometimes we cannot find anything in our database. In that case you will see a message like on figure 2.

Nothing is found in allotment database
Figure 2: Nothing is found in allotment database - click to enlarge

Searching for allotments using a dialog Show mobile version

Invoke allotment dialog
Figure 3: Invoke allotment dialog - click to enlarge

You can find Allotment dialog in the dropdown menu on the left - see figure 3.

When you open this dialog you should see something similar to figure 3. You can search allotments by their number or name. You can mark any found allotments for addition or removal just by checking or unchecking them. You should be aware though that nothing is changed until you click Save button. You can also discard any changes using Cancel button.

You can see a list of changes waiting for save in pending changes area on the right. It contains a list of added and removed allotments. You can remove changes from this list using x button.

Allotment dialog
Figure 4: Allotment dialog - click to enlarge