Channels user Guide to Create Listings


Do you have a farm for sale, livestock, straw, manure, equipment for sale or you looking to buy some? Maybe you want to rent a farm or a farm housing? Are you looking for financing for your farm? Or maybe you want to invest? FARMapper was built with farmers in mind and was built from the ground up to assist farmers and the rural community. Join the FARMapper community to buy, sell, trade products and services related to the farm.

FARMapper Channels were designed to improve farmers’ bottom line, reduce marketing expenses, commissions, hauling expense, and time. Location, is paramount in agriculture. The farm next door is more efficient to haul manure compost, lease and farm than a farm 50 miles away. FARMapper allows an easy visual search for listings in your area that are of interest. FARMapper Channels are a visual tool to let everyone know you want to buy, sell, rent etc. You can easily place your offers as well as find what you are looking for among other users' announcements. Listings can be added for whole farms(projects), tracts (think fields or individual farm tracts) or stickers (think icons representing equipment, livestock or hay and straw). In all cases, the listing is published to the appropriate channel along with the project, tract or sticker to which it is attached. For example if you attach a listing to a tract then other users will be able to see not only your listing information, but also the whole tract with its attached documents and other data. We are sure that you can already create your own project, and this is the first step to creating your first listing. However, if you have any questions, take a look at our other user guides.There you find how to create robust projects and how to use all tools needed to it. So, let’s start!

Adding listings.

Adding a listing to a project
Figure 1: Adding a listing to a project - click to enlarge

  • Adding a listing to a project.
Click on the "Listings" tab, you will see the list of your project level listings and on the bottom left the light blue button "Add new", of course if you have not added any listings on this level yet, the list will be empty. To add a listing click "Add new".

  • Adding a listing to a tract or a sticker.
To do this, select a tract or a sticker from the map or from the list on the left, click on it and you will see a label with information about your tract/sticker on the map. Here you will also find "Manage listings", click on it, you will see the list of the listings attached to this object and on the bottom left the light blue button "Add new", of course if you have not added any listings yet, the list will be empty. To add a listing click "Add new".

Adding a listing to a tract or a sticker
Figure 2: Adding a listing to a tract or a sticker - click to enlarge

Configuring the listing

When you click "Add new" the "Listings" window will open. This window has two tabs: "Title and options" and "Body". The "Title and options" tab contains basic information about the listing, and the "Body" tab allows you to enter and format the content of the listing.

"Title and options" tab
Figure 3: "Title and options" tab - click to enlarge

"Title and options" tab

  • ""Title" - enter the title of your listing here. Your listing will be included in the list of listings in the "Channels" tab under this title.
  • "Visibility" - you can choose who can see your listing. Select "Public" if your listing will be visible to all, or it will be available only to registered users of "FARMapper" if so select "Restricted".
  • "Channel" - here you can choose to what channel your listing matches. All channels are in drop down list.
  • "States" - Here you can choose which state(s) your listing applies to. By default the selected state is based on the location of your farm, tract or sticker to which you attach the listing. You can choose one or more states. When you select your state on the drop down list click "Add" and you will see chosen state under the "States" inscription. If you want to add another one do it the same as the first time.
  • "Facebook" - now you can decide if you want to publish your listing on facebook to leverage your social network. If yes select "Post on facebook". In this place you can also select "Remember my decision" if you want to post all your further listings on facebook, you can always change your mind in the future and unselect it next time.

“Body” tab

The "Body" tab is the place where you can enter the content of the listing. In the content you can place not only text, but also a picture, video or link, you can also quote content from another source. You can format the content according to your preferences using the basic tools of the text editor. If you want to add a link, image or video in the content of your listing, you have to click the related button, then a window with the place to paste the link, or a link to the image or video will open. Paste the link to it, and click "OK". The link, picture or video will be added to content. You can also use "Toggle to html" to convert text to html format. If you want to clear all formatting, click on the button "clear formatting". When the content of your listing is ready and formatted according to your expectations. click "Add for ....". and your listing will be added.

You will notice that in the "Add for $ 0 (instead of $ 5)" button, there are prices. Currently most listings are in promotional price equal to 0 USD. The price we plan for the given channel is listed in parenthesis. This price is not set in stone, but we would like you to have at least some idea about the cost of adding the listings in the long term. If listing price is 0 you don’t even need a credit card to add it. In other cases the credit card is required. We will use the same one you added for your subscription payment, if you have one. Otherwise we will ask for it after you click the "Add ..." button. We don’t charge you for every listing. We batch several listings into a single monthly payment, together with a subscription. The only exception is if you add so many listings that the amount due is bigger then 100 USD. We charge immediately in this case.

"Body" tab
Figure 4: "Body" tab - click to enlarge

List of listings

The list of your listings is presented in the form of a table. It consists of 8 columns, where in the last column there are buttons that allow you to perform several operations on the listing. Below you will find a description of the contents of each column.

Listings window
Figure 5: Listings window - click to enlarge

  • “Title” - containing the title of the listing, it can be changed in edit mode.
  • “Channel” - information to which channel the listing is assigned.
  • “States” - information about the states in which your listing is visible.
  • “Visibility” - informs which visibility option has been selected
    • "restricted" if visible only to registered users
    • “public” if everyone can see it
  • The option can be changed in edit mode.

  • “Expire(d) at” - information when the listing will be deactivated.
  • “Active” - shows what is the status of your listing: active or inactive.
  • “On FB” - informs if your listing has been posted on FB.

The last column contains the buttons:

  • “Edit” - Choosing "Edit" will allow you to make some corrections in your listing. You can correct "Title", "Visibility" and the entire content of your listing.
  • “Dismiss” and “Bring back” - these are buttons that allow you to change the status of your listing from active to inactive and inversely. If you click on the "Dismiss" button, the status of your listing will be changed to inactive, and the "Bring back" button will appear in place of the "Dismiss" button. When you click on the "Bring back" button, the status of your listing will be active again and "Dismiss" will return to "Bring back".
  • “FB Post” - If your listing has not yet been published on FB, you can do it now by clicking on the "FB Post" button.
  • “Share” - If you want to inform someone that you have added a listing, send a message to him. After clicking "Share" a window will open, where you can enter the message. You must enter the email address of the recipient of your message, its title and content, the link to the listing will also be automatically added to the message.

At the bottom of the "Listings" window you will find two well-known buttons. "Add new" button which will allow you to add another listing and "Close" button after clicking which the "Listings" window will close.

Every tract and sticker has its own list of listings. There is also a separate list for project level listings.


All listings, including your own ones, can be found in the channels mode. Switch to the channel mode by clicking the "Channels" button which is at the top of the page just below the "My project" button.

Now you can search for listings. Choose the channel you are interested in, or select a specific state to narrow down your search. Below you will see a list of listings that meet your criteria. You can also enter the name in "Find on map" then you will see the listings on the map near the indicated place. If you click on any of the listings on the list, it will be highlighted in yellow and you will be moved to this listing on the map.

On the left side of the listing name you can see the “eye” icon. Click on it and a window will open with the content of the selected listing.

Channels mode
Figure 6: Channels mode - click to enlarge
Content of the listing
Figure 7: Content of the listing - click to enlarge

You can see the entire content of the listing. We have prepared a few more helpful tools for you that you can see below the listing content.

  • “Center map on listing” - When you click this button, it will be moved back to the map, and the selected listing will be at its center.

  • “Share listing link” - Use this tool if you know that one of your friends would be interested in this listing. it allows you to send to a message with a link to this listing.

Share listing link
Figure 8: Share listing link - click to enlarge
Send message to author
Figure 9: Send message to author - click to enlarge

  • “Send message to author” - If you want to contact the author of the listing, ask for more information, write that you are interested, or in another matter. Use this tool and send a message to the author of the listing.